Makeup in a hurry!

We all have those days when we have as much chance of five minutes to glance in the mirror and fix our makeup as we do of winning the lottery. And if we are hurrying out of the house, you can bet your bottom dollar we're running late, there are last minute nappies that need changing and every second counts as we load up, collect belongings and finally get cracking with the day! 

For me, 'those days'  have been coming thick and fast lately and I have had to resort to all sorts of  tactful methods if I want to have a shower in the morning or apply some makeup. 

When we are in a particular hurry, I have found myself leaning on two particular makeup products to help me out and they've definitely made me feel a bit perkier both for their results and time saving!

Mascara and Lip liner. 

We all know mascara can work wonders for making tired eyes look lively but lately I've been really enjoying exploring lipliners and pairing them with lipsticks to create a fuller look. 
I've mainly been using pinks and nude coloured lip liners to line my lips before bringing in complementary lipsticks to create an ombre effect and this is something that is so easy and quick to achieve. When I haven't used lipstick I have been using liners to totally fill in my lips because they have such impressive staying power! 

What I have noticed is that when my lips have had a bit of 'attention' in the makeup dept, it makes my whole face seem more alive, radiant and definitely awake! 
If I am really pushed for time in the morning, lip liner, lipstick and mascara can all be applied speedily and with results that make me look as though I haven't rushed it in the car...even if I have!
I really want to explore different liners and colours...I know MAC have some gorgeous nude tones which I am itching to get my hands on!

What are your faves?


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