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For me, 2017 has been the year where I have really connected with the cyclical motion of fashion. I'm seeing so many popular trends of my childhood coming back in the most creative ways and I'm really enjoying the nostalgia of it all. I can recall watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a teen and thinking that whilst I loved the show, I wouldn't be seen dead in 'mom jeans', bomber jackets and mule shoes.

Friends, here it is. I am eating my hat!

I also remember categorically thinking 'I wouldn't be seen dead clothes shopping in Marks and Sparks.' I'll just continue on with that hat...

This year I have definitely engaged a bit more in fashion. Not necessarily in spending lots of money on items, but by being actively curious, exploring and experimental in my own style. I recently turned 26 and honestly, it has taken me this long in my life to feel totally free with my own sense of style. To be bolder, more daring and with a good dose of unapologetic edge...as far as a mum of three can be anyway.

Thinking back over the past ten years or so, I can see I have definitely lost time worrying about how people perceive me, whether I'm 'trendy' or not and, sadly buying into the lie that my value as a person or my likability somehow bore any relevance to the way I looked.

Approaching the 'other end' of my twenties, I see that I am a lot less unnecessarily apologetic. I am learning more about myself with the life experiences that are shaping our family and all of this is definitely making subtle impacts on everyday life, even down to the way I clothe myself.

Call it getting older...being a parent... settling...

I see it as freedom. And I am loving it!


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