Our month so far

I couldn’t have asked for a more fitting birthday/Mother’s day present than one less hours sleep…said no mother ever!

I had to laugh when I realized these three events were coinciding on the same day: Mother’s day, my birthday AND the clocks springing forward.

In truth, I suppose they all serve as wonderful reminders of good things to come and some of the best parts of life. 

And whilst it was a little painful giving up a much coveted hour of sleep on Sunday morning, the quick realisation that the days would now be longer and brighter was enough to put an extra little spring *pun intended*  in my step! 

So here’s to spring and the promise of warmth and sunshine. Of days spent outside among the busy humm of the bees and birds flitting about our gardens. Here’s to balmy summer nights, the kind where the littles plead to ’stay up late’  and exhaust the last of their energies bouncing around the gardens in shorts, short sleeves and bare feet.

I don’t know how it is that April is practically upon us but I am excited to see what the month ahead brings and to begin preparing for summer. 

Our March has been a busy one. If I had to summarise it with just a couple of words, I would say it has been 'truly spoken' and by that I mean the kids language skills are just blowing us away every single day.

Jonah's speech is really taking off. He's right on that cusp where one moment his little sentances are stuttery and missing key words but you kinda get the jist of what he's saying because you're so used to hearing it. And now, within the space of a week or two passing he is pulling words out of the bag that I didn't even know he knew- let alone being able to use  them in the correct context!

Already 2017 is proving to be pivotal with the children racing ahead in age, ability and the development of their personalities. It's a little daunting if I sit and think about it for too long. Like, where did my babies go?! ( Even little Joshy is growing too quickly for my liking!)

Truth be told, I am blessed indeed. How lucky I am to spend each and every day with my little ones, watching them grow, answering their curious little questions and relishing the fact that these three are my boys. My sons.

I still pinch myself sometimes!


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