Papouelli shoes with a Royal stamp of approval!

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen"- Winnie the Pooh

Adventure is something that has slowly become a theme of great importance to my boys. Every morning starts with the same question of what today's 'big adventure' is going to be and, before they're even up and dressed for the day, they are already itching to prepare for what lies ahead.
Noah and Jonah are at that wonderful age where their imaginations are limitless and part of their fun comes from mimicking each other, right down to requesting to wear the same clothes and shoes. As their mother, it's usually my role to provide said clothes and I get so much enjoyment from piecing together the contents of their little wardrobes.

Whether it's because they've far outgrown their old things or because their trousers have one too many holes in to be deemed suitable for wear, I always find myself getting excited about finding  new little outfits for the children. Indeed, since becoming a mother, I have realised how much more I enjoy clothes shopping for the boys than for myself.

That said, it's not easy to come by beautiful pieces that are well made and desirable for little boys these days. SO much of the children's clothing industry tends to focus on girls and I can't tell you the amount of times I've been in a high street shop and found whole walls of clothes and shoes directed towards little girls, whilst just a humble shelf or two of limited stock supplying their male peers.

It's a shame really because shopping for little boys is so much fun!

My very thoughts surrounding the difficulties I've experienced with shopping for my boys mirror those of Nicole Robinson who founded Papouelli after struggling to find beautiful yet practical shoes for her son.

Papouelli source some of the finest fabrics and have an array of designs for little boys and girls that are just stunning- and wonderfully practical too! Noah and Jonah were very kindly sent a pair of the Hudson boots  each and these have been accompanying us on lots of our recent adventures. Made in Italy from Italian leather, these little boots are simply exquisite. They glide on the boy's feet, cushioning and supporting their busy little toes and they are utterly beautiful.

When you look closely, the craftsmanship is evident with the detailing of stitching and the quality of leather used. My boys have certainly never owned such luxurious shoes and when they were presented with their little boxes the first time, their faces were such a picture of joy unwrapping the boots hidden inside- they quickly became their favourite pairs...ever!

This particular design is really wearable for young children as they have a zip up the inner sides which make them very easy to pull on and off. If your children are anything like mine, speed is of the essence when removing shoes because they are normally in a hurry wherever they're off to next, so easy access is a must!

And my children are not the only ones who have been enjoying Papouelli's variety of styles. Papouelli have also been given Prince George's Royal stamp of approval when he was spotted wearing a pair during the Royal tour of Canada!

As a brand, I feel Papouelli are certainly changing perceptions of children's footwear and finding the ultimate balance between style, quality and aesthetics. Their shoes are definitely not your average, high street offering. You can't help but notice and be impressed by their quality and structure when you help your little one's feet into a pair. They are quite simply exceptional and I am so glad that through Papouelli, my boys have been able to avoid our usual difficulties in finding beautifully crafted, yet stylish footwear.

We were so excited to have the oppertunity to work with Papouelli on this post and our boys totally love their Hudson boots, we're certain they are very best shoes they've ever worn!

Papouelli are offering one lucky follower the oppertunity to select a pair of shoes from the collections for a little one! We are hosting a competition over on Twitter where, by following BOTH our accounts and retweeting, you will automatically be entered into the draw where a winner will be announced in a week's time! Head over to my twitter @BuntyMorton to enter!


*Post written in collaboration with Papouelli


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