The 'Man-knit'

I'm sure I am not the only woman who, when in a hurry will happily grab one of her husband's items of clothing and attempt to pull off a very 'slouchy' look with it. The other day, I happened to be rushing out of the house and saw one of Eddy's grey knit jumpers in the freshly washed clothing pile and, on a total whim, I grabbed it to throw on with my jeans.

Happy accident indeed!

 Whilst it is clearly far too big for me, it's comfy, cosy and so effortless to style with jeans and trainers for a relaxed look and I have worn it these three days straight! 

Sometimes we mothers have to get a bit creative with our style. It's all well and good planning outfits for the day in advance but ten minutes in, when the baby is sick all over your top, you have to accept that there needs to be fluidity between pieces in your wardrobe (no pun intended!) But you get the idea! 

Motherhood has opened my eyes to a whole new way of styling. These days I am far less apologetic about what I wear and less conscious of what others think. (A far cry from my pre-mother self) But with this mindset has come tremendous freedom and a joy in being really open to trying new things all the time and taking risks every so often. Whilst I didn't expect this particular combination to work so well, I am really glad I picked the jumper out and gave it a shot. 

The last few days I have been styling it over skinny jeans and tucked into my 'mom' high-waisted jeans and I have to say, I've totally fallen for it!

Sorry hubbs, you might not see this one back for a while! :p




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