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This month Joshua will be 6 months old which, when I actually stop and think about it, is huge! It's strange how fleeting the newborn days are and yet, whilst it honestly feels that time hasn't passed since his birth, time IS leaping by at a rapid old pace.

Looking back, I know I documented and blogged a lot more of Jonah's early development in comparison to Joshua's. I think one of the reasons why I haven't written that much about Joshua is because I've had far fewer struggles and things to 'note' third time around. It's testament to how naturally Joshy slipped into our family dynamic as a result of me relaxing and not sweating the small stuff. My own increased confidence in parenting 'my own way' with baby no.3 has definitely impacted Joshua and I only wish I had known what I know now during the early months with my first baby.

I do really think this last half year has been seamless in that regard. You'll probably hear parents say this a lot and I know it seems cliche, but truthfully, I can't really remember what we were like as a family before Joshy came along. I obviously have memories of being pregnant and the expectation of a new baby along with feelings of wanting to make the most of our time with the boys before another big family change. Yet, life as a family of five is wonderful and we are loving being, as my mum refers to it, 'officially a big family!'

We're right on the cusp of weaning and more than ready to do so! I finished my breastfeeding journey last month (very proud I was able to keep it up that long!) and Joshy has been having formula exclusively since. We've been gradually introducing baby rice and I have high hopes for getting some veggies in this week too. He's a hungry little boy but it's still early days and like every weaning babe, he needs to actually learn what to do with food in his mouth (that isn't liquid). That bit takes a bit of practice but it's all part of the fun of it!
 I will combine feeding him with purees and encouraging him to self-feed with holdable items  ie, veggies, rusks and other baby snacks. Organix are a baby brand we love and their finger foods have gone down very well with my weaning babies so I imagine we will be stocking up on those.

It's still a bit unpredictable how often Joshy will wake in the night but, generally no more than twice. *Touch wood* to this point we've never had really bad nights with him...certainly not the kinds that you brace yourself for once you have children anyway! He normally feeds every few hours during the day but the night time gaps do stretch for longer periods which is oh.so.lovely! 

Joshy rolled over for the first time the other day which kinda took me by surprise. He is getting a lot stronger on his feet and in holding his neck and head. He's quite a stout little fella, so much so the boys in our family always joke about him being a rugby player someday! 
Around about the six-month mark, most babies make efforts to sit up unaided and Joshy is definitely trying hard to sit independently. He can hold himself up with the support of a cushion or by holding my hand but I don't imagine it will be too long before he sits on his own now.

One of my favourite baby developmental stages is when they find their own voice...and then don't stop using it! This little guy has become such a babbler these past few weeks and there are nights when we will all lie awake just listening to him gurgle on and on....and on! I love hearing the sounds of my babies voices for the first time though! It really is special considering when they are born you don't really know what their real voice will sound like as they only use it to cry. These days Joshy is letting us all get used to his lungs and one of his favourite ways to gain instant attention is by blowing raspberries at us. Messy, loud, ongoing raspberries that frequently require a change of vest because he dribbles everywhere doing it! Bliss!

As a mother, there really is nothing more satisfying in life than seeing love grow within your family. It's almost surreal knowing my sons already have such a strong bond with each other and one that will be sustained throughout their lives, I pray. 

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff- latest photos of our Joshy pud:

I hope you enjoyed this little update, any requests for future baby related posts?


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