Meet the Sprocket!

Making memories. 

I think since becoming a parent I have become a little bit obsessed with noting down what the children do, with taking their photographs and essentially, trying to remember everything there is about our sons at every phase of their childhood. 
I know, it's an impossible task for anyone but with Noah due to start school later this year, I am feeling incredibly aware of the passing of time and how much the kids are growing up.

I suppose photography has always been the main way I've chosen to make physical records of my family's growth. It's definitely easier to reach for the camera and capture happy moments as and when they happen and,  instead of albums of printed photos filling up our bookcases, I have files of them filling up our computer hard drives. (It's definitely less cluttered this way!)

Part of my problem with printing off actual photographs has always been the hassle involved in either going online to order them or popping down the high street to print off copies in a booth. And whilst I've done both of these in the past, I never find them to be particularly convenient.

If convenience and spontaneity are your thing then, like me, you'd probably be pretty bowled over by the Sprocket by HP. I was very kindly gifted one of these and I have to say, since it arrived I have been using it  A WHOLE LOT!

The Sprocket is an inkless printer which connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth, allowing you to print off your photos at the click of a button. Did I mention, no ink involved?! The 'Zink' (zero ink) technology is really clever and enables you to print out high quality pictures from a device no larger than a mobile phone. 

The fact that the Sprocket is so portable is also a huge bonus and has allowed me the freedom to carry mine around with me in my handbag. It's also pretty child-friendly too-  my boys have been ALL over ours since it arrived and as far as tedious, long car journeys are concerned, we now have a new toy to pass the hours!

I've never pretended to be the most tech-savvy person out there, but every so often a product comes along that really gets me excited. (Did I mention it has rose gold detailing?- Ahh!) The Sprocket is such a cute little gadget and very travel-friendly. If you're heading to any of the big music festivals this year, this is definitely one piece of tech that, in my humble opinion, is a must!


*Post written in collaboration with HP


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