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If you follow me on insta (@BuntyLiving) you might have caught me mentioning my more recent struggle to keep up with the blog lately. Or possibly you're a wonderful loyal reader who has been seriously wondering if I've finally kicked it and decided to go and hibernate under a rock! Let me tell you...there are days I am sorely tempted! :p

If truth be told, we've simply just been really busy as a family. With Eddy working away for a few days and the kids having been poorly...my hands have been happily filled to the brim and I've been enjoying taking life at my own pace a bit more.

Anyway, this month I've been collecting a few little bits and pieces and they've all been such great examples of tiny treasures that have helped me feel a bit more than my current, panda-eyed, prematurely greying, 'sleep-deprived as standard'...self.- (Please tell me you can relate, mums?!)

Yeah...I won't beat around the bush explaning how to suck eggs, but suffice to say that this combination of glitzy gold embriodered sandals, red nails and Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y concealer have become my 'mum armour' for May.
Not dirty nappies, not tantrums, not late nights, not early starts, nor endless laundry...none of these things weigh half as heavily on me when I feel like I have a spring in my step...hurray for the happy little things that provide the 'spring' we all need sometimes!

Sandals: PRIMARK/ Nail Varnish: SALLY HANSEN/ Canape Plate: ANTHROPOLOGIE/ Concealer: CLARINS/ Monogrammed Glass: ANTHROPOLOGIE/ Notebook: SEASALT



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