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I love that every city has its own individual uniqueness, whether that be by way of its architecture, history, culture or even location. Often there is that one element that really makes the city stand out and for me, Bath is one such place that has this ability to completely capture you. From the moment I begin to notice the iconic colouring of the stonework on the great Georgian buildings as we approach, there’s a uniformity and solidarity about it that really beckons me.

If you read my last post (here) about our recent trip to the Badminton Horse Trials with Joules, you’ll know I mentioned we got to spend Saturday pottering around Bath and exploring lots of nooks and crannies at our leisure- something I was only too happy to play tour guide at!

As a child I spent a lot of time popping up to Bath because my Grandparents lived there and it’s where my mum grew up. I love that whenever I visit now, I always have a sense of ‘coming home’, a real warmth surrounds me and I find myself naturally wondering, “what if we get to live here one day!?”- Now that really would be living the dream!

I've always thought that Bath is a very easy city to stroll through- as long as you don’t mind hills! But architecturally and aesthetically it really is beyond comparison. Take the Royal Crescent, for example. We spent a long while here letting the children run around whilst we snapped away at the incredible views. I still find it hard to comprehend the talent, expertise and vision required to imagine, design and build such a world class building. It just takes your breath away when you turn the corner into the park and glimpse it’s vastness. Just wow!

Following on from there we meandered our way through pretty streets, passing by some exquisite homes (not to mention all the stunning instagrammable front doors!) I just found myself enjoying it so much and it especially made the day seeing how much the boys enjoyed it too. They were so happy just following our lead and showed as much enthusiasm for our little adventure day out.

Bath is so rich with fascinating history. From the Pump Rooms to the Roman Baths, the Assembley rooms, thermal pools and so much more, there really is such a lot to explore and see!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Photos!



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