Spring for pears

I've always had that classic 'pear shape' physique of being smaller on my upper body and curvier around my lower half. It's a shape I struggled to like for such a LONG time, so much so, when I was younger I definitely wasn't above trying to adapt my body to a more 'boyish' frame. 

Over time and especially after having three babies, I've learned to look at my body firstly with eyes of awe rather than with critique. After the initial changes from childbirth I grew a whole new respect for my body and for its great capacity to grow a life for 9 months. It was as though a light bulb came on in my brain and all of a sudden having hips made complete and total sense!

I still have the same shape now and whilst sometimes I wish my jean size could just match up to my upper body size, (it would deffo make wearing jumpsuits FAR easier) I really do love that I have curves. Having journeyed through weight gain and loss I know that regardless of what the scales say, I will always maintain my pear shape and I see that as a great thing!

As with any body-shape, there are certain cuts and styles of clothing that do more to enhance and flatter and I know there are certain cuts I steer well clear of too!
However, a classic combo that I do love for spring are mid-rise jeans with a white tee (preferably tucked in at the front.) I'll often throw on a billowy, light duster jacket if I'm heading out because they're so easy for achieving a bit of structure, without being restrictive or clingy around my lower half.

This outfit is one I have been really enjoying playing around with. The only new items are the shoes but it's SO repeatable, being 'last year' doesn't bother me!

Jeans: River Island
Tee: Oasis
Duster Coat: Miss Selfridge
Sandals: Next



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