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Blogging can be a funny business. Sometimes I feel like I have a tonne of things to write about, talk about and celebrate. Whether that's a successful milestone with the children, a new and exciting product or simply the musings of a mummy to three little boys. 
But there are also, invariably, weeks and even months where I feel off my game. I don't feel like blogging and my life seems far too mundane and 'boring' to put out there. Who would read about it anyway?

I know I really struggle with negative thought patterns and critiquing my capabilities as a 'writer', a thinker and a creative. Like so many I make the awful mistake of comparing myself along the way and more often than not feeling lesser as a result. 
It's a terrible thing to compare yourself and yet we all do it from time to time! That said, I am really really trying not to worry about these things. It's so important to focus on our own road and path and to celebrate the fact it has direction, without worrying about the speed!

I have definitely felt myself bloom as a result of interacting with people, bloggers, businesses and making friends along the way. People who champion you and encourage you and who actually want to see you succeed rather than regarding you as competition of sorts. These are the types of people who inspire me and I've been very fortunate to know more and more through the blogosphere.

The world is definitely in need of a little more kindness at the moment and I think it's something to be mindful of each and every day. Having a mindset of 'being kind' first and foremost is something that makes me feel so alive! It's the perfect antidote to unkindness, to frustration, to negativity of any kind.

As a result, I have been feeling far more enthused about the blog just recently and I'm looking forward to throwing myself back into it over the summer. 

Bloom & Blog- sounds like a whole new series of posts!



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