Hydration Sensations!

Following on from my 'Luminous skin' post the other day, it occurred to me that my skincare routine has also had a wee adaptation over the past couple of weeks- (with great results too) so I thought I'd  have a wee chat about two products that are making quite a difference at the moment.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet- Now there is a mouthful of a title if ever I saw one! When I originally tried this in the shop it was the 'sorbet' part of the name that made my ears prick up...like, would it really seem edible?  (Don't eat it, it doesn't taste as good as it looks!) But honestly, this is proof enough that looks can be deceiving, it really does look delicious! The thing about this sorbet is that it has this almost viscous texture that applies to the skin like a silky butter, melts in immediately and instantly refreshes it with a boost of hydration.
My face has been feeling a bit tight and also at the mercy of my hormones lately so I wanted something that would just really hydrate and nourish it and this does exactly that.
 Is it ok to also mention how pretty this looks on my dressing table? The bottle is glass AND pink so if looks are your thing, this won't disappoint!

The body Shop Aloe: Soothing Eye and Lip Contour: Now, this was a bit of a gamble purchase. I had been on the market for a soothing eye cream but when I first spied this duo-functional product it did make me wonder if it would actually be any good. 
I was definitely somewhat dubious to begin with. I suppose lips and eyes are so very different and I wasn't exactly sure how one product would successfully take care of BOTH areas. 
Well done Body Shop- you did it again! I'm not sure how they've managed it here but the important takeaway is that they have managed it! This cream is just-so-luxurious on the skin and really gentle. The Aloe extracts are really calming and cooling and I find it sits really well under makeup and doesn't mess with foundation or lipstick.
 I'm using it around my eye area twice a day and on my lips whenever I feel they need an extra boost of hydration and I have to say, I really think I'm onto a winner with this. It's soothing, delicate, easy to apply and feels wonderful! 

What's your fave Body Shop product? 


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