June Goals

I always become more forward thinking at this time of year. I'm not exactly sure why that is the case but it probably has a lot to do with summer being around the corner and subconciously wanting to be prepared for it. Being JUNE now (Yikes, this year is flying by!) I thought I would put pen to paper and set myself some extra goals this month to really help put me in the best frame of mind for this last 'pre-summer month' as I like to refer to it.

01. Digital detox. I gotta get on top of the amount of screen time in my life. I've had a few proper 'digital detoxes' lately and they've done the world of good. Having gone camping twice in the space of a week we have had a few solid days away from screens and phones and it's been blissful. Plus, I've not missed devices half as much as I thought I might! 
Sometimes I find myself mindlessly looking at my phone and refreshing my pages for no real reason. What a waste of life! I want to be super mindful of the time alloacted to work or social media and put my phone away in the evenings to concentrate on down time with my family. Whilst without a doubt technology is bloomin' incredible these days, it can also be such a thief of time! Phones, computers, games consoles and the like generally lead to a lot of unnessesary procrastination in my opinion! 

02. Health & wellbeing. So since I stopped breastfeeding officially and my cycle finally returned, my excess baby weight has almost totally shifted as is usually the case for me. I'm down to the last few pounds before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight and now I want to up my general fitness and really focus on strengthening my body. In the past four years I've been pregnant three times and have gained and lost a lot of weight three times over. I'd really like to spend this month giving myself oppertunities to focus on fitness and core strength and build back a little more muscle tone- hopefully setting myself up for a more active and healthier lifestyle.

03. Journal more. I love journaling, keeping diaries, all of that malark! I'd quite like to do more of it both in my prayer life as a Catholic and in simply making notes about the children, their funny little stories, phrases...really anything that seems memorable. I just want to record it all to be able to look back on one day!

04. Live outdoors. Well...not literally speaking but you get the jist. I want to spend A LOT more time outdoors. Whenever I feel stressed or upset, down or just a bit 'meh,' getting outside, going for a brisk walk, even simply breathing the fresh country air always makes me feel better about most things life throws our way. It's a natural antedote to feeling cooped up too which can often happen while looking after very little kiddos so I really want to make the most of our beautiful countryside and live in it this month...and every month!

05. Podcasts. I have discovered podcasts in a big way recently and I feel like I'm on a whole other journey of discovery! (Excuse the closet granny moment) Seriously though, I've really got into the series 'At home with...' by Anna and Lily and I've been tuning in every wednesday to get my fix. All I need are some wireless headphones and my country walks will be the epitome of relaxation. 
Any podcast suggestions you'd like to throw my way would be gratefully received!



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