Thankful Thoughts

When Noah turned four a couple of weeks ago I found myself having a strange kind of reality check (along with a minor freak) out about how quickly life was moving on. I suppose this year will always stand out for us as it marks Noah's departure from being under my wings full- time to being under that of his new teacher's at his school. As a mummy, it's both a very strange and normal part of life and something I will endeavour to embrace.
How little he knows that already I am treasuring the time we have left together 24/7 because I know everything will change when September rolls around and we begin the school runs every morning and afternoon!

Our lives seems to be ever-evolving, ever-changing and just when I find myself content and happy with our little bubble, new challenges present and we find ourselves adapting. It makes me so proud as a mother to see how resilient the children are and how much they embrace the here and now. They live in the present tense and that is something that definitely rubs off on me. As a result, I find myself more mindful that tomorrow doesn't matter as much as this moment right here and to be thankful for each and every day that comes around.

It's a wonderful privilege to be a mother three times over, to be able to experience the repetition of milestones made three times- it's the real stuff of life and it sure makes ours all the richer for having them in it! 

We feel so blessed to have three happy little chappies who make us laugh every single day!

...Some of my musings this evening :)


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