Three handbag essentials

I recently picked up a new handbag and, I have to say, in a very short space of time I have become rather smitten! It's funny because I wouldn't consider myself 'into' handbags at all but I guess it was a case of just happening to be in the right place at the right time- thanks TKMaxx! It definitely helped that all three boys were behaving beautifully at the time which gave me a sneaky oppertunity to scout out the bag section and lock eyes on a dreamy bag with an even dreamier discount!

I ended up making a cheeky purchase and this Dune crossbody was my winning selection. What I like about this bag is that it is so lightweight but has a really generous interior meaning I can actually fit quite a bit inside. Aside from the usual, wallet/purse, phone, keys…and not least the obligatory stash of lego; I thought I would show you some of my handbag essentials or the things I typically carry around with me on a day to day basis.

Lipstick: Or, two or three-  as is often the case. I tend to have at least one lipstick kicking around the bottom of my bag as an easy ‘quick fix’ for life on the go. Some days it’s a simple case of bare face and sunnies with just a hint of something on my lips…even if just to distract from my panda eyes!

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer: Honestly, I could wax lyrical about this amazing bronze/highlight duo and I already have many a time on here so I will refrain this time! However, I do LOVE the mirror inside the compact because it's big enough to really see your face properly and it's ideal for touching up flyaways or unruly eyeliner when I’m out and about.

Diary: I do have a bigger diary on my desk but I really wanted a handbag sized one to carry with me. I picked this one up from Cath Kidston and it makes keeping note of appointments or meetings on the go far easier for me. Using this I can quickly jot down essential info instead of trying to remember and then 9 times our of 10 forgetting something crucial. Once home I normally transfer key notes into my large organizer.

So, now you’ve had a little nosey around my handbag, I’d love to know what your handbag essentials are?!



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