Top tips for a restful night's sleep

With three kids four and under, you might think I had long since relinquished any need for sleep in order to function. (There are days, believe me!) But on the whole, I try to make what sleep I do get at least the very best quality possible. 
However, creating the kind of environment that promotes restful sleep does make quite a difference and it has been something I have explored quite a bit in recent years...

There are definitely a few key areas in my evening routine that I attribute to helping me get the most out of my sleep, meaning for one thing, I am less reliant on caffeine the following day (gotta be a good thing, am I right?) but also I just feel better in myself too; more alert and less foggy in general.

Golden hour before bed: I refer to the hour before bedtime as my 'golden hour' because I know that however I choose to spend this time can have quite an impact on the night ahead. It's a kind of umbrella for the list below as it provides the basis for all of them, yet for me, carving out one hour to focus on unwinding before bed really helps me get into the frame of mind for peace, calm and rest which often coincides with restful sleep. So for example, I often spent this time showering, journaling, reading, saying my prayers...but generally pottering about at a slower pace and a much quieter one!

No screens: As I mentioned above, I am consciously making an effort to step away from screens in the lead up to bedtime. I just find that phones/computers/televisions can really make it difficult to quieten my mind and there's nothing worse than being wide awake with the cogs turning when all you really want to do is to fall asleep!  
Coincidentally, I'm also trying to keep my phone away from my bed at night time so as not to 'feel the need' to be looking at it...or simply getting distracted by it!

Hot bath/ shower: Heat always makes me feel sleepy and I often save my showers or baths till last thing at night to unwind and relax. I always feel more relaxed and peaceful after cleansing my body with heat and so I know this is a bit of a failsafe part of my evening routine that will often help me fall asleep with ease.

Early to bed and organised for the following day: There's nothing worse than getting to bed later than you wanted to and with a 'to do' list already at max capacity. To promote a peaceful state of mind I try to have everything sorted and ready for the following day; whether that's work related, domestic or otherwise, it just really helps me settle knowing that the day has come to an end and everything I've needed to achieve has been done. And early to bed...that goes without saying! ;p

What are your top tips for attaining a restful night's sleep?



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