aden + anais: The dream blanket

aden + anais are among the loveliest names in the luxury baby accessories industry and having purchased pieces for my children from them in the past, I have come to really admire their collections as a triumph in meeting practical baby essentials with beautifully soft fabrics and vibrant designs.

This year aden + anais released a particularly exciting collection in collaboration with Disney and this has to be quite possibly my favourite range of their products to date. I was very kindly sent their new Winnie the Pooh dream blanket for Joshua and in honestly, I think our thoughts about it (or certainly his) speak for themselves in these happy little captures we took together.

The thing about the dream blanket (aside from the gorgeously whimsical Disney vignettes) is that it is incredibly versatile and easy to find a whole multitude of uses for. Combining four layers of 100% sumptuous cotton muslin, the blanket has a beautiful, soft quality that feels wonderfully gentle against delicate newborn skin. I also love that it comes in such a generous size  (120cm x 120cm)- Already, we've used ours for swaddling our nine-month old, for sitting on in the garden, as a playmat and even as a pram or cot blanket.
Joshy is the first baby of ours to demonstrate an attachment to a particular blanket and for the past nine months he has snuggled into the same one to fall asleep. With our new Disney dream blanket in tow, it's the very first time his old 'blankey' might have some serious competition to contend with-And that is saying something!

In truth, I don't know who is more taken with out beautiful nursery addition: Joshy or I? All I know is that we are both enjoying all the extra cuddles that come with playing on our dream blanket and cosying down for his milk feeds together! It's lovely to think this blanket will stay with us as the boys grow up and, who knows, it might become an heirloom for any future grandchildren one day?!


*Post in collaboration with aden + anais

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