Days like these...

Yesterday we decided to throw caution to the wind, pack up the car with picnics and rugs and head off on a family adventure with our boys. It was the perfect day for exploring; the kind where the kids were fidgety and had a tonne of energy to burn and the sun was beating down- I couldn't have asked for more ideal conditions! 
Eddy and I also found ourselves craving some fresh air and the kind of serenity only the countryside can offer, so we were only too glad to indulge the boys with some time together as a family, exploring, learning and most importantly, playing together.
Our choice of location was Willingham Woods; a beautiful local spot with the most gorgeous route through 'the wild woods' and all the pretty spots for picnicking you could imagine. It really was bliss! We actually spent the best part of two hours happily making our way through the trees, watching the ducks plodding in and out of the pond in pursuit of us, hoping for some more breadcrumbs, no doubt! 
The boys were on the lookout for bears and tigers and sought out every lone tree stump (for an obligatory circus performance!) It really struck me how much the kids thrive when they are totally free to roam and let their imaginations take over- they just didn't stop!
New environments always seem to bring out their inquisitive little minds so much more than familiar spaces do and as I watched Noah and Jonah pretending to be Robin Hood for the umpteenth time, hiding out in the 'deepest darkest forest', I felt so happy and at peace with the world. 

My boys, having each other's backs, helping each other, following each other's tracks. I hope with all my heart their instinctive nature to protect and serve one another will stay with them for life.

Days like these, they're the days I feel like I am really living!
Physically being brought out into an open space where all around is the happy buzz of busy little birds and creatures. The sound of laughter, chattering and the breaking of bread onto dusty little knees. 

Days like these, and more of them!



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