July Goals

I have always been just a little bit obsessed with July. Even now, I still get that 'summer holiday feeling' as if school is out and I am about to break for six glorious weeks. (So wish that were true for me!) 

You know I love me some rhythm and routine and so here are a few things I'm hoping to achieve this month!

01) Early nights- Boring but SO important. 
I really do want to catch up on sleep and attempt at least 3/7 very early nights a week. Considering we are about to embark on the season of virtually no makeup wearing...I need every ounce of sleep going if these bags under my eyes are ever going to shift!

02) Drink more- speaking of skin...I definitely want to get back on top of my drinking game. And sadly, I am not referring to my evening glass of red! :( I've really let my water consumption dwindle lately just because I'm always running about the place and never really remember to drink unless I stop long enough to notice I'm thirsty. It's certainly not great and it's starting to show so this month I am going to drink SO much water you wouldn't even believe it! :p

03) Get my butt to the Gym- I took the kids swimming the other day and did a sneaky little weigh-in on their bathroom scales. Amazingly, I've lost all my baby weight! (I won't mention here that I celebrated by gorging on chocolate and crisps later that day!) I know, I'm terrible!
However, being at a point where I am significantly happier about my weight in general, I really want to focus on getting fitter, stronger and healthier.
 For me, summer always feels like the easiest season to refocus on healthier living and I am excited to be able to throw myself back into it!

04) Get my eyes checked- Yeah, if ever there was a more mundane job to be done. But I managed to break my glasses last month and had to revert back to wearing a reallllly old pair. I've been meaning to book an eye sight test for months and stupidly, I just have not gotten around to doing it. This WILL be the month I sort it!!! (And hopefully pick up a chic, Instagram-worthy new pair of glasses too!)

Are you setting yourself any new goals this month? If so, I'd love to know what they are?!


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