Silly & Fun all at once

Some of my very favourite memories with my boys all have a common thread of spontaneity running through them; they are the times we have found fun in the simple and ordinary and have just gone with it without thinking or planning out our day too far in advance.
As a mummy, I'm constantly reminded that to very little minds every single day is an opportunity for adventure, for seeing the world with new eyes and ever increasing awe.

After an 11-day stint working away, this weekend we had daddy home and his arrival was  met with some extremely eager little arms, willing and waiting to hold their hero again. We decided to make the weekend a really relaxed, fun ‘hang out’ which, of course, basically meant wrestling matches on demand, scooter & bike riding galore and a whole heap of cuddles thrown in there.

It was much needed, perfect and watching my sleepy little monkeys next to me as our Sunday evening drew to a close, I felt so much pride in my heart for everything they are. My daily encouragement and champions in seeking a happy life in the simplest of ways.

We popped on into town after church on Sunday morning to find some cake, i.e. Coffee for the grownups who had been up since crazy o’clock :p and stumbled upon our local pannier market, eerily quiet and echoing through the rafters with every step we took.

What you might call a ‘celebration’ of our loved Union Jack flag; provided the perfect backdrop for some mischief as the boys promptly begged us to play hide & seek before scuttling off to ‘hide’ behind the wooden pillars.

It was silly and fun all at once and I suspect that because we were alone in this vast space, I felt all the more conscious of watching their every move. I felt even more conscious of making a big deal of the everyday, the simple moments like these that get buried in our memories and hearts forever. 

One day these will be the memories I look back on and I only hope my boys will smile and recall carefree, adventure-seeking parents who threw caution to the wind in search of the next great adventure, however small.



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