Summer Style With Laura Ashley

 "I'm for style- fashions change too quickly!"- Coco Chanel

 I can really identify with the above quote as it's a huge part of my own overall approach to fashion. 
If there is one thing I have learnt about fashions over the years, it's that they are fleeting and, therefore rarely (in my mind) investment-worthy. 

Style, on the other hand, can be transformative. 

When this beautiful frilly, silk dress from Laura Ashley arrived in the post I ran upstairs to quickly give it a try and in a moment, I felt transformed. Transformed from my toddler  smudged, milk stained self to a date-night- worthy senorita!

I simply felt beautiful in it. It was as though the cut to had been executed to make my (postpartum) figure look its very best and, as I swished about barefooted in my bedroom, I realised this dress comprised all the key style components that I look for in a summer dress:

The flattering midi-length, the cinched waist, the richness of the colour- all these elements that are so classic and hold longevity in fashion. I love that unlike ripped jeans, bell bottoms or even billowy sleeves, this dress won't get lost in an era.  It definitely feels like the kind of dress that I could wear with relevance and purpose years from now!  And that is why, for me at least, this dress is not about fashion, fleeting seasons or being 'on trend.' 

It's far more than that. 

It represents my personal taste, my own sense of style. Something that has evolved over the years and grown with me. I hope I get to prove my point if only to myself and still be wearing this beauty for date night, 20 years from now!


*Post sponsored by Laura Ashley


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