The 'Mom- Jean'

Because summer here in England tends to be more a state of mind than an actual change in climate,  my wardrobe is always pretty reflective of this. Whilst sometimes I wish I could just ditch the denim once and for all and parade around in kaftans and floppy straw hats all day, unfortunately, in the UK- it just ain't gonna happen! 
Because we can't ever really rely on the temperature here, it definitely comes in handy to have a few heavier fabric staples to fall back on during the summer months...just in case!

Plus, denim is always going to be a key staple fix, right?

Now I love a high-waist cut but I've never actually been brave enough to test out the whole 'mom jean' look further than the private confines of a dressing room- honestly, I've always felt I look kinda 'dumpy' in them. However, I did find a couple of pairs recently that have convinced me otherwise. This pair from Next are SO cute, flared, high waisted and incredibly comfortable. They stay in place regardless of how I am moving about (or chasing after the boys) and because they are so high waisted, I think they actually flatter my waist more than they make my bum look big. And yes, it does but I'm trying to embrace that! :p

Being quite curvy around the hips, I wanted a pair of jeans that would balance my shape out and these do that so well because they are flared in the leg. Just that slight bell-bottom really makes a differene to the overall silhouette and I have fallen hard for them.

Mom jeans, something to be explored a bit more I think!
What's your favourite jean shape?



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