A few musings on peace, love and my hopes for the future

I often find myself struggling with the continual drip-feeding of bad news and terror in the world, especially all the suffering and pain people have to endure at the hands of 'leaders' who have become so misled. Despite all of this and the heavy heart I carry for all the little innocents that might only ever know a war-striken life, I feel encouraged and empowered to stand up for goodness and to write about that, if only to really affirm within myself this great belief I have that it far outweighs any power of darkness.

Mother Theresa said; "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." Words that haunt me and inspire me to aim for a greater world for my own kids. I want so badly for them to keep love and goodness at the heart of everything they do so that when they grow up they will be little beacons of light in the world.

I dream of a change in the world where peace conquers over hearts and homes and I'll aim for that in our family home, pouring love into the everyday stuff of life. Whether that's in changing nappies in the quiet of the night, or preparing meals, doing school runs and loving and encouraging my little ones. I'll do it by being present, really present with my children so that they can count on and truly know an unconditional kind of love. 

I'm no great speaker, writer, fashionista or famous instagrammer. (The criteria I've often fallen victim to believing essential when it comes to making any kind of impact.)  But I do have a heart to change the world and I will do that through loving my little family.
 It sometimes feels like we're too small in the grand scheme of life and the world to make any kind of recognisable difference but then I think if all mothers united in this great mission, we would see our world change. And that's the true, uncompetitive kind of feminism I want to support :)


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