August Goals

I know I say it a lot but really, where is this year going?! And how is it August already? We're edging closer to September, to a new school year (a first for us!) and then before we know it, Autumn will have arrived!

I am definitely not one for wishing the year away and this month I kinda feel all the more aware of clinging onto the present; of not wishing my time away. After all, this is our final month as a completely pre-school family and I absolutely want to savour the moment before it passes!

01. Be present A running thought of mine lately. I am so inclined to run around like a headless chicken in anticipation of what is going to be happening next! It seems that no matter where we are or what we're doing for that matter, my mind is always onto the next thing and I know it causes me unnecessary stress sometimes. This month I want to take charge of my thoughts and makes space to quieten my mind and simply enjoy the present moment. Worrying doesn't change anything but it sure adds pressure and stress so I really want to make some changes within myself. Basically, to stop sweating the small stuff!

02. Read read read Yep, this is one that is carrying over from my previous goals but since making a conscious effort to read more, I have been flying through books and have discovered some really fantastic authors in the process. I'm currently reading through some of Dinah Jefferies novels and they are just stunning. She sets her stories in some of the most beautiful locations such as India and Vietnam and her writing is bursting with heavy descriptions which convey enough detail to almost convince you that you've experienced these cultures first hand. Her stories are remarkable, full of life and I can't put them down! Currently I'm reading The Silk Merchant's Daughter and  make you think you had visited such countries. Stunning!

03. Coffee out I've really noticed the benefits of taking time out recently. With Eddy working away for the past four weeks and having three children to single-parent, it's been both eye opening and (sometimes) relentless. I have totally enjoyed this time with them though and I've really noticed their heightened need for reassurance as this unusual stint of daddy working away has been a bit confusing for them. It's been precious time for me but it has also been relentless too. That's a lot of earllllyyy starts and rather a lot of very late nights too! In the mix of all this, my family have been a wonderful support and I've been able to have some 'escape' time too. I tell ya, the restorative benefits of a simple coffee in town and five minutes peace are far reaching! I'm definitely relying on a few more coffee trips to get me through until daddy gets home!

So it's just three life goals for this month, what would yours be?



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