Bright Starts activity jumper in association with Mothercare

I love that Joshy has reached that  beautiful age of inquisitiveness where he treats everything like it’s wonderful and new and has such enthusiasm for discovery. 
Physically, he's also at that stage where he is weight bearing (a lot!) but not able to support himself fully. He desperately wants to be upright most of the time, seeing the world and taking note of everything around him but, like most 10 month olds, he needs a little help along the way!

Mothercare recently sent us the Bright Starts safari activity Jumper to try out with Joshy and, in some ways, it has been a real answer to prayer! I mean, this is like a baby station on steroids! It's totally awesome and completely age appropriate for Joshy's needs. Furthermore, I can see it is already encouraging him to be more confident in his movements, and to be discerning in selecting and choosing the little activities and toys (as it has so many built in!)

Like many baby activity jumpers, this one has a baby seat in the centre with a ring of various colourful, eye-catching activities around it. What I especially like about this one is that the seat swivels which encourages Joshy to move about and take control over where he wants to face and which toy he'd like to play with.

I love that he is already demonstrating decision making (by nearly always choosing the main light up/musical feature)- How do they always know?! 
This feature is really cool (for all you multi-linguists out there) as it offers you a choice of three languages to choose from in the settings. With English, Spanish or French to select, you can encourage a bi-lingual start at an early age and get your little one interacting with already familiar words and sounds.

The station also really encourages weight bearing and this is something Joshy has been really enjoying. He loves jumping about and swivelling in his seat as he goes and this constant movement alongside having his feet flat on the ground will only help to familiarise him with the upright stance that toddlers have to crack before they can step out on their own.

Overall, I think this is such an excellent example of a baby station. It's fun and interactive with lots of multi-sensory experiences for your little one to discover and enjoy along the way!

We will certainly be getting lots of use out of ours!


*Post written in collaboration with Mothercare 


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