Diono Quantum Pram Review

In the past, I have jokingly compared the experience of purchasing our first ever pram with buying a car. I know it might sound a little far fetched but hear me out... You spend hours meticulously comparing the various makes and models, checking over key features and potential modernizations (I see you extra large storage basket!) After reading all the reviews and recommendations, you manage to whittle it down to a select list of potentials, perhaps three or four that you really want to take for a 'test drive.'  All this before you finally lock eyes on 'the one' that steals your heart and makes you fall head over heels!

Sound familiar? 
But really, shopping for the ideal pram is no small task and, speaking from past experience, I know how easily the process can change from being an exciting right of passage to an  altogether overwhelming experience!

Ultimately, I think, rather like purchasing anything you intend to use daily for a few years, having some idea already in your mind about what it is you're looking for (before you shop) can really help you to stay on task when beginning the hunt for that perfect pram. 

Recently, I was gifted the Diono Quantum to trial and review and, having spent the last little while getting to know it, I've been reminded once more how the right pram can transform your life as a parent- outside of the home.
The Quantum is a beautifully sleek, sophisticated pram. It feels robust and strong and doesn't flinch under weight (already tried and tested by my four year old- thanks Noah!)  It's an incredibly smooth ride and little Joshy has been making himself quite at home in his new wheels ever since!

One of the coolest aspects about the Quantum (for me) is the fact that it boasts a multi-mode strolling system. This basically allows the chassis to convert into a comfortable toddler seat with maneuverability to change from a sitting up position, all the way back to lying down which is so perfect for those daytime naps on the go!

 As an 'all in one' pram, the Quantum really supports life lived on the go. It's unfussy in design and ever so easy to adapt the positions and change the seating to suit nap/sleep times as well as the development of your baby throughout the early weeks and months.

As you would expect, the rain hood is generous and keeps baby well protected from the elements (a vital detail here in England, I might add!) It also comes with a handy magnetic flap which allows you to peer in on your little one from above without disturbing them!

With three boys, we have certainly been through our fair share of prams and buggies and I  sometimes feel like there's nothing else I could really learn about a pram. But I have to say, the Quantum really is exceptional. It's the perfect hybrid between indoor and off-road prams and provides a sleek, smooth ride in both instances. 

As Eddy and I are both quite tall, one of the first things we tend to scrutinize in potential prams is the height of the handle bar. In truth, I suppose we've often been disappointed by lower handles that have meant we've had to slouch forwards to keep a grip on the pram and, trust me, that is not an ideal scenario for something you are going to be pushing around for the foreseeable future. 
We didn't have that problem at all with our Diono Quantum as the handle bar has a really generous range of height. We love it and find it actually encourages us to stand up and straighten our backs as we push. I can't praise this seemingly small but wholly significant detail enough!

I think my final 'wow' moment with this pram came in the form of the wheel lock. I know that doesn't sound particularly exciting but trust me, I've scuffed enough shoes on prams in my time to warrant excitement over a pram that evades that problematic scenario all together! The quantum has THE most satisfying wheel lock that simply requires you to push down with your foot in the same, repeated motion to both lock AND unlock the wheels. There is no struggle and no having to resort to using hands (yep, I've done that before!) It's just a total breeze to operate!

 I think that pretty much summarizes our findings of using the Diono Quantum so far- a breeze! It packs down very neatly into our car, it's SO easy to control (even one-handed) and the whole design and appearance is really modern and fresh- we totally love it!

For anybody on the hunt for a pram with a whole lot of style and functionality combined, I would definitely recommend checking out the Diono Quantum. It did not disappoint us!

*Post written in collaboration with Diono, however, all opinions are authentic and entirely my own.


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