Nuna Leaf review in association with Mothercare

Boy oh boy, I have waited a long old time to get my hands on one of these! For those of you who don't know, the Nuna Leaf is probably one of the most talked about baby 'must haves'  currently on the market and I am only too delighted to reassure you that yes, it very much does live up to all the hype surrounding it!
Even though my 'baby' is now a chunky (not so little) 10 month old, it still felt a little bit like Christmas morning when Joshy's Nuna Leaf arrived in the post!

I suppose the first question is, what actually is a Nuna Leaf? 

Well, the leaf is an evolutionary baby seat which is crafted to imitate the gentle float of a leaf on the breeze and bring an energy-smart gliding motion to newborns and children. It gently rocks your baby from side to side (no batteries, motor or electricity required) with a seamless swaying action designed for premium comfort and optimum soothing- sounds impressive, right?

I remember when we attended a Mothercare press day a little while back, the new suited collection from Nuna was launching and one of their reps gave Eddy and I a thorough tour of the entire collection. When I first laid eyes on the Leaf I knew I would fall hard for it- it was just SO beautifully designed! We had to laugh when the representative demonstrated how strong the Leaf really was and promptly plonked himself into it. (Needless to say, it took his weight quite happily!)

The great thing about the Leaf is that it is designed to cater for newborns right up to pre-schoolers (max of 60kg) and for that reason, we knew ours would definitely get a lot of action. But it's also so nice to think it won't become redundant after Joshy turns 1. I think its usability and longevity  definitely makes this a really worthy investment piece.

All our boys have been equally enthralled by the smooth dynamics and comforting fabrics, the gentle rhythmic movement and the perfect tilted position of the leaf (reclining just enough for optimum viewing access to whatever else might be going on in the room!)
I think for Joshy especially, this is such a nice alternative seat to kick back in. He can doze off quite happily in this and I have peace of mind that he is safely strapped in and comfortable if I need to leave the room.

Our Nuna Leaf is from the new suited collection and it is utterly beautiful. I particularly LOVE the grey fabrics and the toy mobile bar a handy little play feature. My only regret?- Not getting one of these sooner! 
*Post written in collaboration with Mothercare


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