Sleepyhead Grand review in association with Mothercare

When Joshy was born, the Sleepyhead Deluxe was an item that totally transformed the early weeks for us, revolutionising the way we thought about co-sleeping and allowing our family to get the best night's sleep possible we could with a newborn. I did a review of our Sleepyhead last year where I mentioned some of the key benefits we felt the Deluxe offered; such as being able to co-sleep safely and the way it's unique pod- shape optimised that snuggly, cocooned position tiny newborns settle so well in.  (You can have a quick read over our thoughts of the Sleepyhead Deluxe here)

It had been on my mind for a while to purchase the next Sleepyhead size up as Joshy has been busting out of the Deluxe for some time now. Despite the fact that he has grown too big for his original Sleepyhead, I knew he just loved it so much and considering he slept so well in it, I really didn't have the heart to take it off him!
I think he associates the pod shape around his body as being his safe, snuggly place to fall asleep in and a big part of me hoped he didn't have to grow too big for it simply because it has been his bed all his life!

Mothercare recently played fairy godmother and sent along the Sleepyhead Grand for Joshy to try. Talk about a dream come true, we were overjoyed to receive the next size up- and what a size it was!
Whilst identical in design and shape to it's smaller comrade, the Grand really is that, enormous! It is designed to accommodate babies from 9 months all the way to 3 years! (Even my 4 year old wants in on the action!)

I think what we have enjoyed most about the Sleepyheads in general is how portable they are and how perfect for when we're away from home. We haven't had to bother with travel cots all year as Joshy has been perfectly safe and content in a sleepyhead either in our bed or on the floor.
Granted, the Sleepyhead Grand really is too big for our bed, but I definitely think it will be ideal to bring with us on journeys and to use for transitioning into a 'big bed' when the time comes.

It fits perfectly in his cot and being so like his other Sleepyhead, Joshy has had no problem adapting to the larger size. Dare I say he prefers all the ample space to wriggle about in now!

On a practical note, I've always been incredibly impressed with how easy it is to remove the covers  and wash them. Joshy is forever spilling milk on his Sleepyhead but the outer covers all come off and wash brilliantly. Strictly speaking, you're not 'supposed' to tumble dry them but we always have and they have retained their quality just fine.

The Sleepyhead is one nursery essential we couldn't be without and I'm beyond happy that we've been able to renew our Sleepyhead days with a size upgrade. Honestly, I'd choose this over a cot any day!


*Post in collaboration with Mothercare


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