Creating a beautiful nook with The French Bedroom Company

Since as long as I can remember, I have loved the idea of creating a cosy nook within my bedroom. The idea of having a little space to escape to with a good book and the sound of silence, well, isn't that every parent's dream at some point in the day?

It's no secret that in our family I am royally outnumbered by boys and this fact definitely influences my home decor style. In the past, we have bought pieces for the home with a very practical approach to style. After all, our kids *WILL* attempt to climb everything and with three boys four and under,  I've never been too concerned about our shared living spaces remaining show-home worthy for long!- Life is too short!

However, there is this sort of unspoken compromise which I made for myself: that our bedroom would become our little sanctuary and space away from the chaos. It's a room that I *try* my very best to keep toy-free and (unlike every other space) it is a room that essentially represents us first and foremost, as individuals.

We've been rethinking that space recently and I was very kindly sent some gorgeous new additions by The French Bedroom Company to help me transform one little corner into a peaceful nook. Right from the offset, I knew I really wanted to follow a colour scheme that I probably wouldn't get away with elsewhere. I also wanted to channel my love for feminine, pastel hues and so when I saw the beautiful Floris chair, I knew straight away it was the one. 

Pink is not a colour I feel I can plaster around the home everywhere, but I figured our bedroom space would provide the perfect litmus test for the rest of the family- Thankfully they all love this chair just as much as I do!

The colour is just the most beautiful blush pink and sitting against the rich gold, whites and leafy greens of the rest of our room, it adds a gorgeous pop of colour without being overbearing or garish. The gentle distressed style, (I am convinced), would sit well in any family home but I especially love it up here, in my little haven away from the noise and high energy of the rest of the house.

Choosing FBC'S Leaf Motif Side Table was possibly the most enjoyable part of this collaboration. Again, I had a rough idea of what I was looking for: a table to accompany the Floris chair and also to bring a touch of glamour to the setup. I wanted a surface where I could light a candle and place a cuppa but without it taking up too much space- and that's exactly what the Leaf Motif table offered!

 The concept of minimalism is growing on me SO much at the moment and, like with the Floris Chair, I saw this one and totally fell in love. I like that you can see straight through the gold hardware so that it almost floats within the space it's sitting. The gold leaf design is really exquisite and I think it brings this little corner together perfectly with the intense lustre of the gold metalwork against the glass surface.

To complete this nook I added some sumptuous sheepskin rugs, lots of leafy plants and I have mirrors all over our bedroom to bounce light everywhere! I'm SO happy with the way it has turned out and I  think it's provided us with the perfect resting spot to catch a moment, to indulge in the peace that descends when our little rascals have gone to bed, or even just to tie your laces before you run out the door on the school run- (like, every morning!) :p

We're SO grateful for having been able to work The French Bedroom Company on this project and we couldn't recommend them more for beautiful accents and furnishings to create dreamy spaces in your home!

I hope you enjoyed this post, what was your favourite piece?

*Post in collaboration with The French Bedroom Company


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