August Faves

I was wondering whether to share September goals or August faves in this post and in the end, I decided to change up from my usual monthly goals because; let's be honest, most of this month will revolve around my hopes to achieve the *new* school run on time! (As well as coming to terms with this whole new routine!)

Needless to say, my main goal for this month will definitely be focused around getting Noah settled into school- but that's a whole other blog post right there!

August was a crazy month for us with a lot of travelling, A LOT of missing daddy and just feeling a bit all over the place in general. In times like these, I feel grateful for a few home comforts to help us all feel a bit more, well, homely! There are definitely a few that personally stood out to me last month and I think they're all worth sharing...

After my old Vans died a death (there was no coming back from the gaping hole that took up residence in the toe section!), I decided to replace them with a more robust 'sneaker'. Eddy has worn the Old School Vans for as long as we've been together and he recommended them as a sturdy, comfy place to start.

It didn't take long to convince me of this pair because when I popped down to Office one bright and breezy August morning, the shop assistant confirmed that these are possibly the most sought after trainer design...ever!? Apparently, these sold like hot cakes after Kim Kardashian was spotted in them (rolls eyes) but, aside from their celeb credentials, these really do live up to expectations. They're undeniably easy to style (with anything!) and what's more important (considering my life is about to take a sharp turn towards the school gates every day) they are SO comfy!

I'm sold, they're sold. It was a done deal pretty much as soon as I tried them on! :p

I think next up on my favourite things for August was this oversized pink Jumper from Asos. I happened to be reeling through the internet for a *specifically pink* jumper (I saw Zoella rocking one last Autumn and wanted in on the action!) and as it turned out, I had some luck! I found this ombre effect one and totally fell for it. It really is very easy to style out as a slouchy, oversized piece or tucked into jeans for a cool/casual look. It's also very cosy and warm which will be perfect for Autumn layering too!

Finally, I've rekindled my obsession for plants and I'm going bigger than ever before! :p
Actually, I only purchased this plant the other day (to bring a touch of nature to our bedroom that we're currently re-decorating) but seriously, Henry is beautiful!
 And yes, I am the kind of closet granny who actually names her plants. (The kids also get in on the naming action if that makes it less weird?) Haha!

I picked Henry up in B&Q along with his white plant pot base and he has settled into life with our crazy lot very well so far! Still alive which has to be a plus!
I love that this plant is actually really tall and billowy and very much draws the eye. It's also just SO nice to have plants in the bedroom in general- Such an easy way to instantly freshen and bring life to a living space. Literally!

So those are some of the things I've been loving lately. What are yours?


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