Finding your style

This is probably the first year where I’ve felt more comfortable than ever in my own skin and also in allowing my sense of style to evolve. In fact, I can’t remember a time where I was less influenced by what other people were wearing and more conscious of what I want to wear! 

I love having a little more confidence within myself to make fashion work for me, rather than the other way round.

And it’s only taken me twenty-six years!

If I had to pinpoint one item of clothing that I think has really helped me along the way though, it would definitely be denim, or more specifically, the jean variety.
While I think I will always have a soft spot for the ease of a good skinny jean, 2017 has opened my eyes to wearing cuts that I would never have even given a second glance in previous years. 


This pair, for instance, are currently up there as one of my favourites- ever! I picked them up  from Next over the summer and I have lived in them since. They’re high waisted and, in my opinion, MADE for the slogan ‘does my bum look big in this?’ - And although I’ve learned that yes, it does in whatever I wear, that’s okay!! I feel more comfortable than ever wearing the jeans and enjoying them instead of shying away from something that’s maybe a little stylistically edgier than my usual 'get up'!

I know these boots will be a bit like marmite for some. (Yes, I’m afraid I do have a thing for leopard print/ channelling my inner Pat Butcher), :p but I LOVE these boots. I feel like they have been the makings of so many outfits over the past year and I know I am going to be holding onto them for a long time to come- sorry, not sorry folks!

When it comes to finding your own sense of style, I think starting with what you feel  comfortable in and more importantly, what you actually like is a perfect place to start. I’ll sound like a broken record for saying this (because I say it allll the time) but remain mindful that trends come and go like the wind, so don’t worry about keeping up with them! If you’re trying to find your own style, focus more on what you actually WANT to wear and go from there…

…And every so often, be a little brave about it. In a few years time, I may well look back on these photos and say “What was I thinking!!”, but I’ll always remember the sense of freedom and individuality I felt wearing them and that’s worth any fashion triumph... or disaster ! ;p


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