Hygge Revisited

Last year one of the most popular lifestyle trends to sweep over our nation was the Danish concept of 'Hygge'

In short, hygge is a Danish word used to acknowledge a special moment or feeling. 'It can be alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary but it is always cosy, charming or special.' -Hyggehouse 

Hygge is definitely more a state of mind or feeling, than a mindset to be adopted. It's not about buying things to make you feel more 'Hygglight'. All it asks is that you slow down enough to be really present and to recognise happy little moments all around you. 

Waking up this morning to the greyest, rainiest Monday I've seen in a while, I definitely wanted to inject a little sense of hygge into our rather dull start. For me, eating breakfast with my boys and sipping on a hot coffee; simply enjoying the privilege of being able to do so with a roof over our heads- that was my moment of hygge!

I've read quite a bit about hygge since last year but sometimes I feel like the concept becomes a bit lost on us, as though people believe you need to 'buy hygge' instead of feeling it. It really isn't about monetary transactions or filling your home with brand new, trendy 'hygge' accessories. It's a state of mind and, for me, it's very much linked with thankfulness for what we already have.

The simple act of just lighting a candle on a dull monday morning, while we breakfast with the rain lashing all around us- to me that's hygge! And this morning it totally lifted my spirits to bask in the warm glow of candlelight for a moment as we prepared to take on the (rather gloomy) day ahead!

With Autumn rolling in, I think I am going to be revisiting Hygge a lot more in the coming weeks! I want to be channelling alllll the cosy vibes as we dash about, dodging the puddles on the early morning school runs!  


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