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During these past few weeks, I've found myself really settling back into blogging and carving a new rhythm in the day, especially now that Noah is in school. With the other two boys still napping quite a bit, I am finding a little more time here and there to pursue other things (and not necessarily just the washing up either!) I suppose I am, figuratively speaking, 'catching my breath' a bit more in-between all the running around- and it's lovely to be able to do so!

I was thinking to myself earlier about the direction my blog is taking and where I would like it to eventually be and I just had a bit of a 'wow' moment. I really love doing this! I LOVE that this small space has become so much more than just a hobby; that it provides a little income and that it ultimately helps to support family life. 

I am *so* grateful for the oppertunity to do this around my children and for the fact that it doesn't take me away from being with them during the day- something I feel to be so paramount to our family life.
I do just feel so very blessed. 

We've been through some really tough times over the past couple of years and they're not details I have shared publicly on my blog at all, but I am convicted that the challenges we face in life teach us great lessons. But more importantly, in-between and around any such difficulties thrown our way, we should always be aware and thankful for the good, the everyday, the simple and familiar- the stuff we take foregranted time after time.

I'm not going to lie, the kids have been driving me mad today! They're actually sleeping next to me as I type this now and their peaceful little faces compel me to forgive the tantrums, to mentally detach from the tougher moments that have played out today and to bring my mind back around to thankfulness. Thankfulness for the gift they are, for my wonderful husband, for our families and even this blog, my happy place. 


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