Raising Those Rascals

Although Noah started school two weeks ago, I feel as if I'm seeing Jonah, my feisty-spirited 2- year old in a completely different light. Not only has Noah grown up so much in the small space of 2 weeks but my Jonah seems to be changing so rapidly too. 
For those six hours when Noah is away from the home, Jonah is the eldest sibling and he is gaining more confidence in this new 'big boy' role- and most especially around his little brother Joshy.

The thing is that Jonah and Noah have such a tight relationship, after all, they're only 20 months apart in age anyway; it's little wonder they're thick as thieves. All his life Jonah has had (and enjoyed having) Noah to guide him and for the most part, Jonah has been only too happy to follow suit with Noah. 

Now, however, I feel like he is coming out of his shell more than ever, making little decisions for himself, *actually choosing*  how to spend his time (within reason- my brain can only take so much Paw Patrol!) and I think as a result of all of this change within our family dynamic, his own little character is shaping up a lot.

Internally, I really was very concerned about the effect that Noah's absence during the week might have on Jonah. I worried he would really struggle with not having his partner in crime around. And in truth, I think we all miss Noah (don't even get me started on my teary school runs!) Going to school is SUCH a big deal and I definitely did not appreciate how much of a change it would be for all of us!

But just two short weeks in and I feel so proud of Jonah. He has taken to his big brother role over Joshy with such fervor. Their own relationship totally reminds me of life a couple of years back when we only had Noah & Jonah. Only this time, Jonah gets to relish in being the protector, the big boy, the one who gets to instigate all the mischief!

It's been a transition for all of us but I am especially proud of my little Jonah for embracing this new phase even though he misses his brother a lot (and tells us on a regular basis!) His example of pure acceptance for this new chapter challenges me to see the goodness in change and I'm really grateful for that.


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