Autumn walks

This weekend was a turning point for me where I really felt like Autumn had arrived with full strength. We took the kids out for a walk around Lincoln Castle- (Why we don't do this more often I have NO idea because a) there's free to access the grounds and b) they LOVE nothing more than pretending to be knights/soldiers/superheroes.) You can imagine their excitement at getting to run around a *real* castle and pretend to defend it from the 'baddies'. Noah even exclaimed at dinner that it had been the best day of his life!

Since Noah started school I think we've all started to really rely on the weekend as a time to reconnect with each other. I know I completely relish in our Saturdays and Sundays just for the way they reunite us as a family of five again. They're noisier than the weekdays are now and a whole lot more chaotic  too, but it's honestly lovely to have Noah back home with us for that time.

I can't really believe welly season has arrived (even if our boys do wear theirs all year round!) But I suppose it makes me realise all the more just how quickly this year is passing by. Seeing little feet stomping and crunching their way past all the leaves that have fallen and making little games up while throwing them in the air; games they didn't think to invent this time last year...I am all the more aware of the passing of time and, I suppose, growing up.

For me, Saturday was the epitome of a perfect autumnal family day out and I'm grateful for it.

Some pictures...


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