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Decorating the homespace with prints seems to have really taken off in the past couple of years and I think the accessability and affordability of such pieces is a huge pull for interior enthusiasts like myself. Thanks to them, it has never been easier to change and update the vibe of a room by creating a little gallery wall or shelf and the effect can be incredibly beautiful, calming and even thought provoking.

Word Up Prints recently sent me a selection of their prints and one of their notebooks and I've used them to create a focal point in our bedroom on top of our drawers unit. This is the place in my bedroom where I do my hair and makeup most mornings and so I wanted to choose pieces that would (hopefully) help to motivate me as I begin each day. 

I just love how simple these pieces are. They're wonderfully uncomplicated and easy on the eye, yet they really make the whole space 'pop' with vibrancy! I think this is such a brilliant way to personalise a space without commiting to an expensive longterm feature, especially as framed prints are so interchangeable and easy to move around.

I'm looking forward to infusing more framed prints onto our walls and I can't wait to share them with you!

*Post in collaboration with Word Up Prints


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