Bedside style for cosy evenings

With the winter chill fast chasing at our heels, I honestly can't think of a nicer way to round off the evenings than by settling down with a hot cuppa and a big 'coffee table' book to flick through. 

And now that the clocks have officially gone back, we're once more thrown into much shorter days where it's pitch black outside by 5pm and, if you're anything like me, the desire to leave the house in the evenings vanishes too- along with the sunlight!

I secretly love it though. If anything, the weather and general darkness offer the perfect excuse to bunker down and 'hibernate'- As long as there is a free flow of tea and bourbon biscuits, I could happily see myself spending a *whole lot* more time here!

This is my current bedside set up. The fairy lights are back, the pillows are plumped and I've swapped out our old bedside table for this one. While it's lovely and minimal, the glass surface has a little extra space on it, something I carefully considered to accommodate all those extra mugs of tea! :)


Where's your favourite 'cosy' spot for spending these dark winter evenings in?


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