Half Term | Pressing Pause

As this is our very first experience of half term as a school-going-family (is that the right phrase? ) It seems as if there is a whole list of new thoughts and feelings I was *not* prepared to deal with. Starting with the final week before Noah broke up; I was not prepared for the tangible sense of build up to holidays, the expectation and excitement that buzzed about at every mealtime or conversation.

 Nor was I prepared for how much I would simply relish having Noah back in the fold 24/7. Spending our week here in Devon, geographically away from our new school routine back in Lincoln has, in a sense, cemented for me how much I have missed us all being together -all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, having a bit of space carved out in the day along with the necessary routine of school has brought with it a fresh sense of purpose and focus for all of us. Yet, I think when half -term rolled around we were all SO ready to hit the pause button on routine and relish for a while in spontaneity and rest. A strange, yet true oxymoron!

I so badly wanted to reconnect and, essentially ‘check in’ with all my boys. To have those little conversations with Noah where I’m not either trying to hurry him out the door in the morning, or comforting his tired little self at the end of the day. I’ve simply missed seeing the best of him each day and I’m so grateful for these precious days to enjoy being a family of five with no school runs, clock watching or last minute shoe- polishing!

We’ve been hanging out at Saunton Sands beach this week and enjoying some of the unseasonably mild weather here- considering it’s almost November, I have to say I am mightily impressed!

…Some photos of my little tribe reunited…


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