Let's talk about Blazers...

I've always loved the way that a sharp blazer can instantly polish a very casual outfit beneath. Recently, I was perusing through Alice Catherine's gorgeous blog and Instagram feed (the source of a lot of my current fashion inspiration FYI!) and saw her rocking this blazer too- I couldn't help but want in on the all- too- seasonally- appropriate check action too! *mouthful!*

Truth be told, I've been wearing this blazer pretty constantly since purchasing it and I LOVE pairing it with jeans, sneaks and cosy, layered knits. I think especially in this 'limbo' weather we've been experiencing, where we don't necessarily want to bring out the big winter coats just yet, it's still lovely to be able to fall back on lighter pieces such as this for that extra layer of warmth.

What do you think? Do you have a standout piece in your wardrobe that is seeing you through Autumn too?


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