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Since having our children my skin seems to be at the mercy of my hormones more than it ever has been. Last month was particularly challenging as the spots on my face flared up for three straight weeks and I couldn't seem to do anything to control the acne breakouts.
Considering it is almost ten years since I was a teenager, apparently, my skin knows no different and hormonal acne is just something that I will have to deal with for the forseeable!

It got me thinking about my skin though and what I'm plastering on it; my skincare routine, my makeup brushes, even makeup itself. Alongside trying to strip back on the products I'm using, as well as going overboard on cleansing my brushes, I decided to try a new cleanser that has been raved about in the beauty community ever since its launch.

*Enter...Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Guys, this is the stuff of dreams.

What I love about this cleanser is that it's pretty much a whole skincare routine in one (lazy girl's dream, right?!) and it has the most beautiful fragrance that leaves your skin squeaky clean and refreshed.

The consistency really is like a thick cream, requiring only two pumps to remove a whole face of makeup! I've been applying mine to my face while still dry, massaging it in (giggling at the mascara panda eyes that quickly ensue), before gently massaging away the excess using warm water and the muslin cloth provided. This way my makeup melts away along with any grime from the day and my skin feels (and looks) radiant and exceptionally clean. It also feels really comfortable too, as if I've already moisturized when I haven't. (See what I mean about lazy girl's dream!)- It suits me right down to the ground!

I just love that this is a no-nonsense, thorough cleanser that actually removes 100% of makeup at the same time. For me this product is up there with only one or two others that I would wholeheartedly recommend for makeup removal and cleansing. And thank goodness, my skin seems *touch wood*  to be responding well too! It definitely has calmed in the past two weeks where I have been using this cleansing routine daily. I herald it a great success in shortening my evening skincare routine as well as boosting my confidence!

I absolutely love this guys and I've already gone and repurchased a new one! Have you tried this cleanser?


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