Now that you're one!

This is the first time I've not been pregnant while celebrating one of the boy's first birthdays and I think because of that, I am feeling the milestone of Joshy turning one all the more! I've never *not* had a baby under the age of one and so it really hit home yesterday on Joshy's birthday that my little family is growing up!

Joshy has been such an answer to prayers in many ways. Even just knowing that he was tucked away in my tummy for those nine months brought me unparalleled joy in the midst of a turbulent year. We even called him our 'little joy' because he brought fresh hope to our lives in 2016 when it felt like we were wading through a period of bad news after bad news.

I am holding on to these days, these weeks and months because the boys are all changing so much; our family certainly doesn't look like it did six months ago, even three for that matter! And while I know I've done it twice over before, the magic of seeing your one-year-old learning to scoot about, weight bear and gradually grasp small feats of independence, well, it's a feeling that never gets old and as a mummy, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your little one learn and thrive.

Joshy you are surrounded by love, your sweet little face radiates it! 
I love the fact that being the youngest so far, you will probably never know a quiet, tidy house. -Your brothers will see to that! You were meant for our family and you slot right in amongst the madness. You are loved beyond measure and we all feel so loved by you too. It's in those chubby little fists that you throw around my neck and those gummy kisses you freely give! It's in your grin when one of your brothers walks into the room and your haste to reach out for them. It's in the way you loved to be comforted and held by us late at night, just to know mum & dad are not far from you. 

Yes, we know you love us all. And we love you too Joshy. To the moon and back! 


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