RHS Rosemoor | Half term

The end of half term for us seems to have coincided with winter well and truly arriving. It was almost comical driving back up through the country on Sunday night, leaving the mild temperature of Devon and watching the thermometer in the car reduce further and further. When we eventually arrived back into Lincoln and *the snowflake* light had flashed up on the dashboard, the temperature was a mere 2 degrees and, for the first time in months, it felt icy-cold outside!

I can't really believe the difference just a couple of days has made, already these photos from our happy wanders around RHS Rosemoor Gardens seem completely out of context seasonally, despite the fact I only took them last week!

To best honest though, it was such a highlight for us getting out and enjoying autumn at its finest in one of the most beautiful gardens we've ever visited. Rosemoor is such a haven away from everything. It's the kind of place where you feel a refreshing disconnect from the outside world, as though you could be anywhere at all and in any period of time. Talk about Pride & Prejudice eat your heart out!- I half expected to glance down the styled hedgeways and spot Mr Darcy!

The kids loved everything from the secret gardens here to the play areas, the views of some of Devon's finest sweeping hills, to the woods, waterfalls and not least, the delicious cafe. (I won't mention how much homemade cake we scoffed!) But I certainly can't fault the delicious produce for providing us with the energy needed to go round the gardens one more time before the end of our day!)

Sometimes we definitely shy away from these kinds of days out because they can often cost a fortune if you have more than one child. Luckily for us, children under 5 gain free entry so only Eddy and I had to pay to get in and, as a family of five, I don't think you can say fairer than that!

We had a gorgeous day out together and I'm itching to go back at Christmas and see how they've decorated! Can't bloomin' wait!
Have you been to any of the RHS gardens? If so, where has been your favourite?


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