Accessories I'm loving right now...

I have great memories of being 8 years old and dressing up with my sister, wearing allll the clip- on earrings and parading around the house in our 'mock-up' princess costumes- (often made from spare curtains or bed sheets, whatever we could get our hands on!) -You get the picture, I was SUCH a 'girly girl' and to be honest, approaching the late end of my twenties now, not much has changed.

I still love swapping shoes and accessories around different outfits in a bid to bring a fresh take on the same pieces I wear on repeat. Accessories can be such an ally when trying to pull off the same look...for the third day running, don't ya think? I mean, a skinny jean is a skinny jean, but with bold earrings swishing above, (and an obligatory killer leopard heel); suddenly what was a, let's be honest, VERY plain and 'safe' ensemble is transformed into a personal take on a classic combo with just the right amount of edge. (*Remember Bunty, you are a mother of three!)

Jokes aside though, over the past couple of months, I have been stocking up on new accessories and I've collated together a few favourites that have definitely helped me feel extra sparkly on these increasingly dull school- run mornings! 

I gotta hand it to statement earrings, gold rings and bold shoes as they definitely make a simple jean/jumper combo instantly a LOT more appealing. What would be your staple accessory for this season?


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