Feeling festive & brunch dates

I've always been a big fan of brunching; sipping on coffee and munching through pastries while putting the world to rights. And honestly, I don't think it takes much for a person to fall in love with brunch. Whether for the food or the oppertunity it brings to meet up with friends and family, to me brunch represents a delicious pause during the busy week and I  for one am definitely planning to make it a more regular thing!

It just so happened I had the perfect oppertunity to coerce Eddy into being my 'brunch buddy' on Tuesday as we were popping into town to run some errands and conveniently had a little time to spare! With the Christmas lights up and all the shop windows a flurry of festive themes; I couldn't help but feel uber Christmassy as we meandered our way past the historic centre of Lincoln, towards the high street.

We decided to pop into our local Cote Brasserie to warm our chilly hands and faces (and, ahem, I had also been informed it was THE place to go for the most delicious breakfast dishes!)
Naturally, my curiosity (and stomach) had gotten the better of me and when I asked my lovely husband where he fancied eating, I think it was pretty evident to both of us where we were heading.

We nestled into our table, surrounded by the most beautiful setting of pinterest-worthy decor and the enticing aroma of coffee and freshly baked bread. It was a decision well made!
To be honest, I never realised what I was missing out on all my life until I tested their maple syrup French toast. Seriously guys, no word of a joke, it was divine! 

I'm a great believer in finding happiness in little things. (Perhaps it shows I don't get out much?!) Yet, amidst a rather fast-paced everyday routine, I love the idea of carving out time to slow everything down a bit. And what better way to do it than by conversing over coffee, eating the dreamiest foods and watching the world go by!?


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