Feet up Fridays with Baastool*

Since officially becoming a 'school-run-mum' in September, I have realllly gotten into my 'feet up Friday's'- and in a big way! For me, it is the one evening where I sense the family breathing a sigh of relief in anticipation of the rest the weekend brings. 
Granted, these days I'm more about the concept of feet-up, rather than the action itself, considering I have three little monkeys that require a whole lot of keeping up with! But the idea of reaching Friday and just being able to slow the pace of life down a little; to be able to spend dark evenings watching festive movies and sipping on hot chocolate, well that pretty much summarizes my ideal weekend at this time of year. 

As long as I can remember, I have been a great home- decor enthusiast. In fact, as a girl, changing my bedroom furniture around was an almost weekly event and even now I still find moving pieces around and reshuffling the rooms just as satisfying. 
Creating the coziest little nook or bedroom space is a challenge I really enjoy, especially when the arrival of an exciting new piece makes me reconsider the whole house!

And speaking of new arrivals, I don't think I ever squealed with delight as much as I did this week when the postman delivered my new Baastool. Known for their creative designs and very practical uses around the home, Baastool have handed me the biggest dilemma because I now feel I need one of these in every room. And whilst my pre-Christmas bank balance might be shuddering at the thought, I honestly don't think I've seen the last of this beautiful company and their even lovelier range of stools.

When ordering mine, I really wanted to choose a contemporary design and one that could easily be moved around the house and slot in with the rest of the decor. After much (and I mean HOURS worth) of deliberation, I decided to settle on the Judy stool in Teal. I instantly fell in love with the style of the gorgeous gold hair-pin legs and, considering teal seems to be so on trend this season, I was really excited to have a go at styling mine around the home!

Initially, I did think the teal might be a bit risky (it definitely goes against my usual muted/pastel colour palette) but I love the vibrancy and the way it 'pops' against the rest of the furniture- the risk totally paid off!

I have to say, since having this gorgeous new piece I have been putting my feet up a whole lot more. The sheepskin is everything you would want in a footstool; it's sumptuous, soft and undeniably luxurious to rest tired legs upon. 
It also makes the loveliest resting spot to perch on. Whether as a makeup stool or occasional seat elsewhere in the home, it's sturdy enough to take 'real weight'- (which I judge by the amount of times I've already caught my two eldest piled on top of it-at the same time!) 

We're so enjoying our new stool, so much so, I haven't quite decided where I'm going to keep it permanently. I think for now it will continue it's tour of the home until I finally make up my mind... or, y'know, buy a few more!

Clearly, sheepskin is not just for rugs! What do you think? Have you had a chance to look at the gorgeous Baastools yet?

*Post in collaboration with Baastool


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