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If you have a two-year-old boy, the chances are that (like us) the topics of bugs and 'creepy crawlies' come up frequently in your household. For us it's a near-daily exchange of conversation, often accompanied by Jonah's eagerness to show me what creatures he's found lurking in the garden!

Recently, we were very kindly sent a pair of children's pyjamas from Beau & Rooster and to be honest, they couldn't be a more appropriate design for our little Jonah.
Admittedly, whilst the thought of wearing a bug print to bed is definitely not my cup of tea, Jonah LOVES the fun that they bring to his bedtime routine, encouraging his imagination to take the helm- and let me tell you, his bedtime stories are certainly more colourful these days and I'm convinced these pyjamas have something to do with it!

For me, what makes these pyjamas that extra bit special has to be the quality of the cotton. They're SO soft and snuggly and I've already had more than a few requests from Noah to buy him a pair to match his brother! If truth be told, I'm also kinda wondering when Beau & Rooster might release grown-up versions too!?

What I really like about the brand is that their designs feel like a breath of fresh air in the children's clothing industry. They're original, vibrant and (we think) a whole lot of fun when you're two years old. I definitely believe Beau & Rooster have taken the humble pyjama and make it exciting for children again; they've managed to balance a beautiful design with undeniable quality of fabric; the result of which being wonderfully soft pyjamas that feel such a treat to wear, especially on these cold, wintery evenings. 

*Post in collaboration with Beau & Rooster


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