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When it comes to choosing my Christmas day outfit, this is something I always get SO excited to plan. I just love the oppertunity to get dressed up and, crucially, to find something that will allow me to eat, drink & remain comfortable all day, whilst still looking a little extra glamorous at the same time.

In the past, I have found it tricky to balance my natural preference to wear a little sparkle on Christmas day with the increasing need to keep things practical. Let's be honest, nobody likes a fromage- frais scented silk blouse, or a halfhearted attempt at a sequin jumper- after your one-year-old has had his way and plucked enough of them off! (True story!)

For me balance is key and I think Pure Collection are one of those brands that know how to find it. Pure Collection have some of the most beautiful cashmere pieces and, as a mum of three boys, I feel I can confidently claim that they are both fashion-conscious and practical for everyday life whilst still providing all the glamour I crave for those special occasions-such as Christmas!

Recenty, I was kindly sent a couple of items from Pure Collection to help me piece together a potential Christmas day look. I was on a mission to curate a look that made me feel confident and glamorous whilst still maintaining some practicality for, let's be honest, a day keeping up with VERY hyperactive and excited little children! 

Selecting a look was not difficult as I totally fell in love with the roll-neck cashmere sweaters on offer. They're so feminine and classic, I knew this piece would be really stylistically fluid and compliment skirts or trousers. In the end, I opted for a formal leather skirt and my jaw literally dropped when the two arrived in the post. These are quite possibly the most indulgent and beautifully crafted items of clothing in my wardrobe. And what's more, together this pair provide just the right amount of glamour with all the ease of manoeuvrability you would wish for in premium fabrics.

It happened to be a really chilly day when we shot these photos and I had to stifle a laugh because although my legs were a shivering mess in the icy wind, my top half was unbelievably snug! The quality of the rollneck cashmere is so beautiful. It's not overly thick but it's incredibly warm, ideally so for this time of year. I think its shape and cut is just perfect for being able to layer with coats and jackets too and I could swear the rollneck detail elongates the neck for a more sophisticated, elegant appearance! I really can't fault this piece and I'm so happy to incorporate it into my wardrobe this season! 

 Now, I have to admit, I have never actually worn an authentic leather skirt before so I definitely threw caution to the wind with this skirt and selected it on a bit of a whim. Yet, never have I been more pleasantly surprised than when I got to try it on for the first time and feel the buttery-softness of the leather and see the way the fabric just streamlines everything WITHOUT clinging! It's definitely a real bonus that the inky-blue colourway just so happens to work with much of my wardrobe as it is, so I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot in the future!
Leather, it's absolutely an investment fabric but in this instance, I'm confident I will wear mine year-round and hopefully, for years to come!

I am all about expanding on the usual parameters of my normal style choices and let me tell you, a leather skirt is a real big expansion for me! But I am SO glad I took a leap of faith with this one. Something about the colour and the cosiness of the cashmere sweater makes me feel festive and I'm already thinking ahead to the big day and how I might team this with extra sparkly accessories and heels for an ultra chic, Christmas look. 

Have you managed to suss your Christmas day look yet?

Pure Collection have offered me a discount code to share with you for a whopping 25% off their entire collections including free delivery & returns! If you fancy treating yourself to something a little special then click here and the link will automatically apply your discount, or simply type 'PUREBUNTY17' at the checkout to redeem the offer!

Happy shopping lovelies!

* This post was written in collaboration with Pure Collection who gifted me the outfit.


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