How to style a Christmas Jumper with Next*

I don't really know when the Christmas jumper became such a traditional feature for the festive season, but it seems they have become an unavoidable and somewhat charming addition to the December build up! From gimmicky designs to rather stylish takes, these days, there's definitely something for everyone's taste and I wanted to take a moment to share with you how I chose mine and more importantly, how I intend to style it this Christmas!

Personally, when it comes to Christmas jumpers and all the jazzy variations out there, I am definitely a 'less is more' kinda gal. Forget all the light up buttons and sound effects, give me a humerous slogan with a subtle note of sarcasm and I'm sold! I feel like the boys in our family definitely cover 'loud' Christmas style pretty expertly so this year I was more than happy to 'take one for the team' and opt for a simple, classic sweater with a funny slogan.


I  spied this one on Instagram earlier in the season and straight away thought it was right up my street. It's definitely my kind of humour and I really like that it's subtle. And thinking purely about getting decent wear out of it; I'm certain I could wear this year-round if I cleverly manage to cover up the slogan with a jacket or scarf. You can't deny I am a forward thinker! ;p

If truth be told, you can't get much more versatile than a black sweater, I mean, tell me what it doesn't pair with? Which leads me nicely to my second reason for choosing this piece- absolute certainty that it would work with virtually anything else in my wardrobe! Win!

Being the season, an' all, I wanted to style my Christmas jumper with a touch of glamour so I opted for this beautiful metallic pleat skirt and a pair of berry ankle boots. I love the way the metallic hardwear on the boots complements the tone of the skirt and, being a midi-length (CANNOT get enough of this style by the way!) I thought it would make quite a flattering, mum-friendly outfit that I could move about in and still feel a bit glam!

The midi-skirt trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere right now and I am SO happy about it. I love how easy it has been to translate the summer pleat skirt look to a cosier variation for the winter- this is definitely one trend I am happy to jump on the bandwagon for!

And the jacket....what can I say? You know I am a total sucker for pink but I am also a total wimp when it's cold out there. This faux shearling jacket is so warm, lately I've been favouring it over my actual winter coats because, being brutally honest, when I'm facing the freezing cold on a morning, there's no better partner than this to motivate me to unlock the front door!

 Like the midi-skirt, the Christmas jumper trend is clearly not going anywhere either! It brings to my mind that saying 'If you can't beat them, join them!' And to be honest,  I'm glad I have the oppertunity to join in thanks to Next's rather clever take on this growing tradition. 

Understated and humorous, I'm happy to roll with that!

What would be your Christmas jumper style? Loud and proud or understated and amusing?

*Post in collaboration with Next who gifted me the above items


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