Slowing down for Christmas

So how is everybody this week? With just one more till Christmas, I have to admit my usual blogging routine has gone right out the window as I'm finding myself clinging to every spare minute to deep clean, organize, decorate and pack for our post-Christmas trip down to Devon.

Needless to say, there is lots to do and I'm not even halfway there yet! Eeek!
Are you super organized when it comes to Christmas? Or, (like me) do you leave everything to the last minute and secretly enjoy the hub of activity that ensues as you dash about like a REAL elf just to ensure everything comes together smoothly?

In past years, my blog has completely reflected the somewhat manic build up to Christmas and I've managed to get crazy-loads of content out through December. This year, however, I have taken a drastically different approach and it's not been an entirely comfortable one either. Honestly, I have struggled a bit with feeling behind all the other super-active bloggers, yet, I really wanted to experience a slower, more focused Advent where work wasn't the focus.

I'm definitely the kind of person who struggles to find a happy medium or to achieve the ideal work/life balance in general but even more so at this time of year when the mince pies and mulled wine are calling! To be honest, this past week has seen me spending most of my evenings snuggled by the fire, either watching a Christmas movie or wrapping presents galore and, admittedly, the desire to create blog content has been a far- ofthought.

It's always nice to arrive at Christmas day feeling energized and ready to enjoy it, insteaof being wiped out by a completely crazy month. I think that's why this year I've blogged less and have been more mindful of stepping away from social media now and again- and you know what? I've benefitted massively from doing so.

I'm actually SO excited for the coming week. Noah breaks up from school on Tuesday and from there on in, it's just festive and Christmassy things to see and do- I cannot wait for it all to begin!

How is your final week before Christmas shaping up?


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