Time to be a morning person with eve sleep!

The idea of being a 'morning person' has always been, at least to my mind, something of a 'marmite' concept; you either love getting up early and that feeling of being productive while the rest of the sleepy world slumbers, or, like my pre-parent years, you relish every single ounce of sleep you can possibly get! If I'm 100% honest, my natural preference would probably lie with the latter but parenthood has totally shifted this for me and while not necessarily of my own will, I have come to really value those early rises, getting ahead of the day and feeling awake and ready to take on my mischievous three boys- before they wake up if I can help it! 

Call it a season of life, (I remember those lazy Saturday lie-ins as a teen, waking up to the world whenever I wanted!) like all others, this season won't forever be so intensely devoted to early starts with young children but for the time being, I am relishing the oppertunity it provides me to crack on with the day early! 

And whilst I can't guarantee consistency of unbroken sleep at this point in my life (try telling my three year old he doesen't 'need' to visit mummy and daddy at 3am like clockwork every.single.night!), I do know that the quality of sleep I do get makes a profound impact on the day ahead and, crucially, those first few hours in the morning! 
Trust me, there is nothing quite like being woken to chubby little fingers prodding you in the face for 'breakfast & peppa pig!' And after a bad night's sleep, it reallllly takes a special kind of devotion to follow little tiptoes down the stairs before 6am.

I have to admit though, up until recent years I always thought that 'quality of sleep' was a term to essentially describe your length of sleep. It never really occurred to me that your sleeping environment and more specifically, your bed and mattress could be responsible for providing you with the kind of rest your body needs, so much so that they could change your entire sleep experience altogether!

We've been sleeping on our eve bed frame and mattress since March 2018 and in those seven short months I have categorically experienced the best night sleeps of my life. The fact is that having a mattress that really supports my weight and that doesn't transfer movement from one side of the bed to the other has given my husband and I some of the most restful nights (bar the children's wakeup calls) to date. 

It certainly helps that eve beds are so beautiful aesthetically-I have to say, I think their calming colour palettes make them even more conducive to restful sleep (check them out here) as does their wonder-mattress of dreams (pun intended
I think for us what has been most interesting is the way we both feel after a more eventful night with the kids. Remarkably, I can see that thanks to our eve bed, even when we have gone to bed late, (only to be disturbed then throughout the night), those patches of sleep that we have managed have been of far better quality, thus, when we do wake with the kids early we actually feel better for it! Far better anyway than it ever felt on our old 'just-about-double-sized' bed that invariably would be full of kids by the time my eyes adjusted to the light...or lamp!

There is something about the eve bed that has made a profound impact on my sleep meaning that more often than not, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to handle the day.
And with a great night's sleep under our belts, it's easier to appreciate the sleepy world waking up around us as we munch out breakfast and play silly games in our pyjamas with cartoons on in the background and coffee very much in my foreground! It feels so good to wake up with a spring in our steps instead of wishing we could hit 'snooze' for ten more minutes!

Ironic though it may seem, I never really find myself wanting to sleep in late these days. I suppose my experience of eve beds begs the question, why would you when you've already woken up feeling so fresh!? After all, it's lovely to have a bit more time in the morning to enjoy being with the kids before the school run, or, as is my favourite scenario, to indulge in a few quiet minutes reading a good book on my bed. 

As a family we have had the oppertunity to work with eve on a couple of occasions now and I'm so grateful because this is a brand that has completely revolutionised my relationship with sleep. From feeling deprived and desperate to being this (usually) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lover of mornings- it's definitely a far cry from my pre-eve days! 

eve have kindly offered me a discount code to share with you which entitles you to £100 off all non-mattress products with the purchase of an eve original or hybrid bed. This is valid from 16th October- 30th November 2018 using the code MORNINGBUNTY at checkout- so exciting! 

I do have to say that Eve has made such a positive impact on our lives, I literally couldn't sing their praises enough and as far as our family is concerned, we wouldn't look elsewhere for beds now; they are just perfection!
 You can check out more of their gorgeous products over on the website here and I really hope you have the oppertunity to fall in love (and asleep) with the best bed out there!

*Post sponsored by eve



What's new in my skincare...

It's no secret that a good cleanser can work wonders for the skin and since autumn has arrived, I've been ready to change up my summer skincare routine for a richer, more hydrating one to combat my already chapping lips and dry skin!

I don't know how the weather always manages to take effect on my face so quickly, but every single year it's like clockwork where my skin is concerned. And before I know it suddenly I've gone from that dewy summer glow and relatively normal skin to a drier base that looks like it hasn't had an ounce of vitamin D in years.

Not particularly helpful.

 Anyhoo, complain I shall not! I did, however, want to share a cleanser I've been using lately and really enjoying. This is the culmination of a gorgeous collaboration between Pixi and skincare expert Caroline Hirons and it's a beautiful product containing a duo of cleansers. On one side you get the first step solid oil cleanser which is ideal for removing makeup or sunscreen and on the other side you have the second step cleansing cream which is SO nourishing and makes your skin feel as though you've applied moisturiser before you're even ready to.

I love the idea of a duo cleanser as I often use a couple of products on my skin anyway- bit of a skincare junkie over here! But what can I say? I like to get the job done properly and for me, there's nothing worse than going to bed with mascara still peeping out of your lashes! This combination of solid oil and cream cleanser are really up to the task of removing even the most stubborn makeup products and personally, I find them so therapeutic and relaxing to use.

I don't know how much you can wax lyrical about a cleansing product but this one is definitely up there! I'm currently combining this with the classic Liz Earle cleanse & polish (of course) which to be honest, I think I'll forever be sticking with!

Truthfully, for autumnal weather and skin like mine that can be affected by the changing temperatures, the Pixi cleanser has been a dream so far in replenishing and restoring my skin to its happy place.

I'm a big fan!



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House progress: dressing table



Lounge Update| Pendant Lighting

Since moving house and taking on a bit of a renovation project in the process, our lounge is the one room that is now closest to completion. Our biggest challenge in this room was to bring light back into a space that had previously been painted a very dark and cold grey That, along with removing some rather choice wallpaper (which we managed easily enough with a steam mop- top tip!) 
In a way, I knew this would be quite an easy room to finish as, once the laborious work had been done, it really was just a case of just shopping for the right pieces to fill it!

 Within a week of moving, Eddy got straight into redesigning the lounge and built two cupboard units into the alcoves either side of the chimney breast (essential for family storage!) And above the television, he also built some shelves which I've been gradually filling with trinkets and decorative accessories. 

After furnishing the lounge with the sofa, rug and plants galore, the one piece that I felt was really missing, (aside from one set of the cupboard doors which is yet to be finished) was a pendant light fitting for the ceiling. I knew this was a choice I didn't want to rush as I was already really struggling to settle on one style...who knew it could be so hard?!
I definitely wanted something a little bit 'extra' and fancier than a regular shade but, being a fairly small room I didn't want anything too big or glitzy as I worried it would dominate the space.

Needless to say, many hours were spent scouring the internet until I came across this gorgeous piece from Made.com

As the general vibe of the room is bright white with wood and gold finishes, this large gold pendent slotted in with the overall scheme perfectly and I fell in love with it straight away. I actually bought it a couple of months ago and have had it sitting in my bedroom waiting to be fitted. As we were away over summer and then our electrician was, it took some time to finally get it installed.
This week however, we had it put up and I'm so happy with the result!
It really lifts the space and gives it a little glamour without being too garish. I love it!

I don't know how much else I can say about a light pendant but so far with this renovation, I am finding that it is definitely the small details such as these that bring me joy. It's the attention to the little things, whether that's bargain hammered gold knobs for the cupboard doors or a set of scatter cushions that totally livens the sofa area and I am LOVING the process! 
I'm really excited to continue on with the rest of the house soon and hope you'll stick around to see more!



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September is here!

September has always been one of my favourite months; I don't think there is another time of the year where I feel more motivated and ready to begin afresh. Admittedly, this has everything to do with the ingrained rhythm of school- even prior to me having children of my own, I still carried that same enthusiasm for organising my stationary and generally getting things sorted at the end of summer, ready for the change over in the season.

Today the kids are back in school, Noah has moved up to year one and Jonah is in his final year at pre-school! I am feeling *all* the emotions but 'contentment' is definitely outshining everything else. We had such a wonderful summer together and even though I didn't photograph nearly as much as I normally do, I certainly have treasured memories to think back on.

So here's to September, or the 'golden month' as I like to think of it. Ironically, today is the first day where it appears autumn has 'landed' out there and doing the school run this morning I couldn't help but notice that the trees are turning and the leaves are already falling.
Naturally, this month will see me stockpiling on hot chocolate and perusing many a shop-shelf for blankets and throws. I'm also hoping to change over my wardrobe a bit more as the weather cools and invest in more mustard yellow! (Anyone else a little bit obsessed with this colour?!)

I hope your September is a beautiful one! Have you any goals or plans coming up?



Dreamy summer bedding | eve*

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a creature of habit who finds comfort in the simple routines and rhythms of the everyday. For instance, (and especially since having children) I relish the quiet of the evening when the house falls into a magical state of calm and we have a couple of hours entirely to ourselves to draw breath and unwind. This precious time each day is something that I always look forward to, regardless of whether it's been a good day or not; it's a vital part of the day where we can reflect as a couple and take a moment to enjoy the home space uninterrupted...usually!

And while most of the house has some mark or other that is a constant reminder of a happy family of five and of three little boys who call it their kingdom; our bedroom space is entirely different. I like to keep this one room of the house as our own, as a bit of a sanctuary and a place to relax without any fear of treading barefoot over lego!

We only moved into our new house last month but this room is already taking shape as one of my favourites in the house. My mission is to make it a calming environment that totally reflects our personalities; a grown-up space which, unlike every other space in the house, is designed entirely around and for ourselves.

Obviously, the bed is quite an important aspect of any bedroom and aside from using it to sleep in, I just love ours for how peaceful it makes me feel. It's definitely my favourite spot to while away half an hour reading books or making phone calls to loved ones. And because I associate my bedroom with calm and quiet, I always like the bed itself to look relaxing, tidy and comfortable- even if only I am going to be seeing it- I love my little routine of making it each morning to look its best.

When creating our new bedroom space, these were the bullet points that were at the forefront of my mind, inspiring me to rethink the bedding situation and use colour to create a statement look, perfect for the summer ahead!

eve sleep has recently launched a whole new range of seriously beautiful bed linens in some of the most gorgeous fabrics and they very kindly sent us a couple of sets to try out. Normally I do play it quite safe generally opting for crisp white linens but with summer ahead and feeling a little creative with the house move, we decided to pick two rather contrasting linen sets; the pale pink / peach and navy/ white colourways and already I am OB-sessed with the way these look!

The pale pink and peachy toned set is so perfect for this time of year. When the sun lights up the room each morning, the peach actually makes our white walls glow with the prettiest pinky tones- it's such a lovely sight first thing! I also love how this set works so beautifully against the grey backdrop of the headboard and bed frame. The bed frame itself is quite neutral but I've found pairing it with some cheerful colourways has really lifted the overall effect- it's amazing how it totally transforms the feel of the bedroom! 

 I also love the way it sits against our velvet mustard cushions, although I was worried about colours clashing initially, I just think it looks really statement and makes the whole area pop with vibrancy! 

We also got to try the navy and white linen sheets and I just cannot get enough of these. They look SO cool, especially when you play around with the reversibility of the sheets. For instance, I love dressing our duvet with the top end folded back so you either have a crisp white layer against the deep navy or vice versa, it just looks so sharp! 

Linen is such a great choice of fabric too, especially in the heat! And considering we've been experiencing an uncharacteristically long heatwave these past weeks here in the UK, I feel like I've had the optimum oppertunity to 'test drive' our new eve bedding- it really does make for the most comfortable night's sleep!

The linen fabric has definitely felt more comfortable than our regular bedding in these warmer temperatures; I have noticeably found myself drifting off to sleep quicker and with less of the tossing and turning when I get too hot- game changer!

Although we have been very generously gifted two bedding sets from eve, there are SO many colourways to choose from on their website; I have to say it was a tough decision whittling down our favourites to just two! I also love the classic yellow and grey and the blush and berry too- these are so cute!

What would your favourite picks be?

*Post written in collaboration with eve



Evening Skincare Routine With L'Occitane

I am forever experimenting with new skincare products 'pick and mixing' along the way to address whatever the skin issue of the moment is. My quest for that fresh-faced glow has seen me trial and fall in love with plenty of different brands along the way and it normally coincides with the change of season where I reevaluate and begin to change up my skincare routine to suit.
I wanted to mention my current evening skincare routine because it's one I am SO happy with. I've been using L'Occitane products for years but in the last few weeks I have whittled down the products I use to just four which, without a doubt, leave my skin feeling so cleansed and refreshed especially after a long day in the sun.

I always begin my evening routine by removing makeup and to do this I have been taking a few pumps of the L'Occitane oil makeup remover with a splash of water and massaging into my face and neck. The milky-like consistency breaks down makeup with very little effort and even stubborn mascara melts away quickly as I use a hot cloth to buff away the excess. Sometimes I repeat this step to really exfoliate my skin and deep clean but it's always a really gentle procedure that doesn't leave my face feeling tight or irritated.

I've then been using the shea foaming cleanser as a secondary cleanse to remove any remaining traces of makeup or dirt and again this gentle formula feels so moisturising and comfortable on the skin. I've used this for such a long time now and I love everything from it's powdery fragrance to the way it makes my skin feel, super soft & hydrated!

After showering or bathing I then apply moisturiser starting with the L'Occitane precious eye balm. This is such a rich, heavenly formula that feels more like a mask than a cream. I use my ring fingers to apply this all around my eye area and it feels so luxurious and buttery soft. It also really helps to soothe my eyes when they feel tired or puffy which is ever so helpful as that's definitely the case most days for me!

Finally, I use the Precious Night Cream which really mimics the sensation of the eye cream all over the face. Like the eye balm, this cream feels more akin to a mask than a moisturiser as it does linger on the skin longer than a regular moisturiser would which is something I really like at night time. I really feel like the results of combining these two products are telling, especially in the mornings as my skin now feels more plumped as a result of using these for a few weeks. 

Finding a skincare routine that works for you is not always an easy feat so I feel all the more convinced that when you do have some luck, you stick with it! So far,  I am absolutely loving the immortelle range by L'Occitane; it just makes my skin feel so refreshed and smooth, what more could  I ask for really?

What are your current skincare faves?

*I was gifted the products mentioned for review

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